DCM Community Team Members


DCM seeks enterprising and aspiring individuals for the positions of Community Publisher, Liaison and/or Contributor.  All three roles vary slightly and which role is optimal depends largely on the skills and interests of the individual.


Community Publishers are members of both our sales team and editorial staff.  Community Publishers are leaders and have three primary responsibilities:

  1. Identifying and submitting community relevant announcements, articles, press releases and information about upcoming local events to the DCM editorial staff.  

  2. Sell DCM digital and print products within the local community.  

  3. Identify, recruit and manage additional local team members that may fill the Community Liaisons and/or Community Contributor roles.


Community Liaisons, are also both members of our editorial staff and our sales team.  Community Liaisons perform many of the same functions as a Community Publisher, however Community Liaisons operate independently, or as a part of a team, but are not responsible for team management.


Community Contributors, are members of our editorial staff only.  Community Contributors help to identify and submit community relevant announcements, articles, press releases and information about upcoming local events to the DCM editorial staff.  Many Community Contributors work either a certain “beat”, such as a particular school, or a particular topic of interest to them.


What makes a GREAT Community Team Member?

Great Community Contributors are first and foremost engaged within their community.  They seek opportunities to make a difference by supporting good causes and highlighting positive stories and themes within their community.  And they aren’t afraid to ask for support in achieving their objectives.



  • Birmingham

  • Montgomery

  • Mobile

  • Huntsville



Druid City Media, based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a diversified print and digital media company. Our Community Publishing group is the publisher of Druid City Living (www.druidcityliving.com), Birmingham Post-Herald (www.birminghampostherald.com), Mongomerian (www.montgomerian.com), Azalea City Living (www.azaleacityliving.com), Rocket City Journal (www.rocketcityjournal.com), 30a Living (www.30alivingonline.com), Emerald Coast Living (www.emeraldcoastlivingonline.com) and our growing Sports Publishing group is the publisher of Crimson Magazine (www.crimsonmag.com), one of the premier magazines covering the Crimson Tide over the last decade.



Druid City Media Community Team Members may be either paid or unpaid, depending on the position and experience, however compensation is typical for the industry where applicable.  Applications are accepted year-round. We apologize but we cannot respond to all applicants: only the appropriate candidates will be contacted and brought in for an interview.


Druid City Media, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Druid City Media, LLC (DCM)


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